About Us – Palm & Pine US

Hi there, I’m Andrea.
Welcome to Palm & Pine. 


Palm & Pine (USA) is an extension of our award winning premium party and gift shop in Central West, NSW, Australia.

A native of Tampa, Florida, I followed my heart and moved to the coastal town of Newcastle, Australia with my Australian partner Ben. Together we opened Palm & Pine, a premium gift, party, and balloon shop in October 2016. 

Palm & Pine USA, is operated by Lauren, a Minnesotan, whom I met while working in Philadelphia over 9 years ago. We formed a great friendship and brought Lauren onto the Palm & Pine team (remotely) in 2018.



It was a dream of mine to open Palm & Pine in the United States, and after Lauren took a trip to Newcastle to help us cover a giant shopping mall in balloons and host events in our store, she was determined to open Palm & Pine in the USA.  We launched the US branch of Palm & Pine, a pop-up experience in Minneapolis, Minnesota in October 2020.

Through our Minnesota pop-up experience, we have been able to bring our best selling personalized balloons and garlands Stateside for families and friends in the Twin Cities area to celebrate every day! 



About the Name:


As much as I’d like to claim Palm & Pine as my own, the real boss is Palmer, our beautiful French bulldog who runs the shop - The “Palm” in Palm & Pine is just our little pups’ nickname. 

So what about that signature pineapple...?

When I first moved to Australia I wrote a recipe blog entitled “The Pineapple Cake,” my love for pineapples runs deep y’all!

Palm & Pine is our shop. Well… Mostly Palmer’s.