About Us – Palm & Pine US

Hi there, I’m Andrea.
Welcome to Palm & Pine. 


Palm & Pine (USA) is an extension of our award winning premium party and gift shop in Newcastle, Australia.

A native of Tampa, Florida, I followed my heart and moved to the coastal town of Newcastle, Australia with my Australian partner Ben. Together we opened Palm & Pine, a premium gift, party, and balloon shop in October 2016. 

Palm & Pine USA, is operated by Lauren, a Minnesotan, whom I met while working in Philadelphia over 9 years ago. We formed a great friendship and brought Lauren onto the Palm & Pine team (remotely) in 2018.



It was a dream of mine to open Palm & Pine in the United States, and after Lauren took a trip to Newcastle to help us cover a giant shopping mall in balloons and host events in our store, she was determined to open Palm & Pine in the USA.  We launched the US branch of Palm & Pine, a pop-up experience in Minneapolis, Minnesota in October 2020.

Through our Minnesota pop-up experience, we have been able to bring our best selling personalized balloons and garlands Stateside for families and friends in the Twin Cities area to celebrate every day! 



About the Name:


As much as I’d like to claim Palm & Pine as my own, the real boss is Palmer, our beautiful French bulldog who runs the shop - The “Palm” in Palm & Pine is just our little pups’ nickname. 

You can find Palmer most days hanging out in our bright sunny window and soaking in the puppy love from everyone who passes by!

So what about that signature pineapple...?

When I first moved to Australia I wrote a recipe blog entitled “The Pineapple Cake,” my love for pineapples runs deep y’all!

Palm & Pine is our shop. Well… Mostly Palmer’s.